Earn up to $26/Hr teaching native English online – Hiring Now!

     classshotNorth Americans, Canadians teachers with a Bachelors degree and either ESL/TESOL/Online or traditional teaching experience are welcomed. I’m currently an online native English teacher with children in China. I work remotely from home and my day is done approximately at 10:00 AM my local time in South America.

     It’s not always an easy transition for expats when relocating to foreign end points and have to scramble for positive cash flow. Given the current digital era we live in, most expats are tech and social media savvy. We travel abroad and look for a WIFI connection near by and soon enough we’re back to normal. That’s all fine and dandy as long as our “cash flow” stays positive. 

What happens when our monies run tight ? 

ggk04The good news is that most digital era expats possess laptops, smartphones and smart connections. With a stable internet connection, laptop computer with an i5 or better processor and a built in camera, you can earn upwards of $26/hr teaching Chinese children native English. For me the hours are great because I finish mentoring at 10 AM from Tues-Fri. That’s 16 guaranteed hours which affords me to earn 2.5x the basic monthly salary of citizens in the country I reside. The additional 8 hours I do on weekends allows me to invest in my future and contribute to the local economy via my blogging or just helping people out as best I can. 

Is teaching native English right for me ?

ggk05I asked myself that question many times and I didn’t find myself testing the waters until a colleague suggested it to me. Well I know for sure now, after experiencing both Latin American and Chinese students! The availability of Chinese students is rapidly growing daily and Chinese education conglomerates are making sure they can sweep up all native English mentors from USA/Canada. The demand is huge and the upside is you will earn a very good income in foreign endpoints which will help you sustain and get ahead while providing a valuable and unique teaching experience to students in China.

Oh, you want to know more?

Send me an email to my inbox with subject Native English Teacher Wanted and let me know the following please:

  • Are you native speaker of English from USA/CAN with teaching experience with young learners?
  • Teaching certificate related to ESL (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, IETLS)?
  • Bachelor Degree in any field?
  • Dependable Internet?
  • Can you teach at least 16 hours per week during BEIJING PEAK hours?
  • Do you have a Windows computer?

We offer excellent online support for all teachers G4 to G8.

bjtClasses are 40 minutes long and all the lesson materials are provided. I will personally expedite your application which will speed up your chances to complete the hiring process. I will provide you with my assistance before the interview and give you tips to obtain the highest salary available.

You can send me your CV to Confia593.blog for more information and get started!

Email me any questions or concerns you may have – I will gladly provide you with my current experience teaching online.

Nadie Se Queda En La Calle Esta Noche!




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