Dr Lynn Burgess, PhD and friends

     The Burgess Benevolent Wellness Fund started: 4-2013 and completed on Thanksgiving 2017 with it’s Grand opening in Ballenita, Ecuador. Her focus is in organic and natural remedies. We have a team of M.D., Osteopaths, Chinese Herbalists, Chiropractors, massage therapists. Offering our Patrons many modalities such as: Acupuncture, Rife, Laser therapy, massage therapy, etc. She has personal first hand experience battling her own diabetes and her husbands alzheimers over the years.

The Beach Escapes Wellness Center

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     The wellness center is approximately 50 yards from the beach in Ballenita, EcuadorWe have 1 apartment with full kitchen and a private room with bathroom. We only rent by the week and month. I designed everything using Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

Your weekly or monthly wellness stay includes the following services:

  • Free WiFi/CableTv
  • A welcome sample basket
  • A make your own medicines workshop
  • A 1 hour consultation
  • A wellness pool and Jacuzzi

We look forward to booking your medical travel with us and receive a personal health care experience you can talk about for the next 100 years.

Reserve your stay today

To make donations to the Burgess Benevolent Wellness Fund – Donate Now

Mention Confia593.blog and get 10% off all goodies at the wellness center

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